MIUC and MGIMO degree courses partnership

MIUC and MGIMO degree courses partnership
Genuine excitement hung in the Spring air at MIUC on Thursday night March 23rd as three new degree programmes to take place in Autumn 2017 were unveiled. It wasn’t the mere announcement of the three courses that lit up the room.
IIt was the realisation that the partnership between MIUC and the world renowned Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) – the prestigious Russian institute’s first ever partnership in Spain – was embodied in the announcement of the courses launched in Marbella.

“This is the first academic partnership for MGIMO outside of Russia, the first Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes to take place in Spain and students on the courses will receive the same qualifications at the end of their four years (Bachelor) or two years (Master) as if they enrolled for the four years at the eminent Russian University” MIUC Dean, Dr Aurora Mateos, said.

“The students will have the best of everything, the Spanish weather and the joyful Marbella environment, the courses will be in English but they will also learn Russian and Spanish and they will have the opportunity to earn a double diploma – from MGIMO and from MIUC’s partnerships with the University of West London and/or Bologna accreditation.”

MIUC and MGIMO degree courses presentation

“The new students on these courses will have the best of all options, there are no negatives,” Professor Mateos triumphantly said.
MGIMO is the most prominent university in the field of International Relations in the Russian capital and for people in the Russian-speaking world. The Institute is run by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has been educating top-level graduates in the diplomatic world for over 65 years.

Apart from its international diplomacy and law reputations it is also highly regarded for its enhanced language teaching programmes and science. It also holds the distinction of being the only university listed in the Guinness Book of Records! Its 56 languages are listed as the most taught at any academic institution in the world!

Members of the Russian community in Marbella, a MGIMO delegation, UN representatives as well as MIUC staff ad students all attended the launch at the MIUC campus. Dr Mateos paid special tribute not only to the background work done by MGIMO and the Vice-Rector of Graduate Studies and International Programmes, Andrei Baykov but especially her counterpart and co-director of the new programmes Associate Professor of European Law, Dr Ekaterina Torkunova. Yet, when she mentioned the Rector Torkunov at the event, a general ovation filled the venue.

MIUC and MGIMO degree programmes presentation

“We expect students from Russia and the Russian-speaking world and many from other nationalities, given the eminence of this [MGIMO] university, will come aboard these new programmes in October. The launch was held to tell everyone this is real, this is happening as it’s such an honour for MIUC to be MGIMO’s first partnership in Spain. I want to thank MGIMO for their huge support, they worked amazingly hard on this and it has been like a dream come true.”

Professor Ekaterina Torkunova closed the ceremony by welcoming on behalf of MGIMO its new partner University in Marbella and pointed out the exciting academic venture.

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