Primavera BBQ and Pool Party


MIUC´s Third Annual Primavera BBQ and Pool Party was a great splash again this year! Scheduled just in time to enjoy our last day of classes and right before the final exams next week, the turnout was good, and the weather was perfect!

Swimming sirens and mermen floated and horsed around in and out of the water, and games of volleyball and football were organized on campus in the lower pitch.
Water bombs this year were popular, and there are rumours some of our freshmen made attempts to toss our coach into the pool – but there is no photographic evidence of that!
There is however plenty of photographic evidence showing the fun and games, as you can see.

A huge thank you to Stan, Jenki and Alaric from the Student Life Department for their efforts in setting up and manning the BBQ, and to the Student Association´s very own Buket Topuz for the fine coordination and work in the planning and implementation of this fine event.

We wish you all a successful exam week and hope you will have a healthy, relaxing and profitable summer before you return to your MIUC family with renewed energy to accept the challenge of your education in early autumn.

All the best!

MIUC Student Life Department

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