Colleges in Spain

Colleges in Spain can mean different things to different people. In most of the world today (thanks to Hollywood films) the words college and university are interchangeable. When students use them they refer to institutions of higher learning with degree-awarding powers where students gain degrees, masters and doctoral degrees. Whereas in the Spanish language the word colegio mostly means school in the rest of the world the word college means universidad or university.

What is college?

College comes from the Latin word collegium and relates to an educational institution or a constituent part of one such as a school or college of a university. In some parts of the world the word can refer to secondary or high school but in most of the world today it refers to third-level education courses which confers degrees and students are usually aged from 17 or 18 upwards.

Colleges in Spain

In conversation phrases like going to college in Spain, college life in Spain and student life in Spain are interchangeable. They all mean the students have left high school or second-level school and are now studying courses they have chosen to by themselves (in some places it's referred to as 'reading' rather than studying for a degree in a university college). Choice is often at the centre of college life. In primary and secondary- level schools most pupils study what the national government's educational department decides. In college the student is the one to decide what course to study, what electives to do, how many years studying they want and at what level.

What kind of Colleges in Spain are there?

Spain has one of the oldest and most distinguished of international academic university traditions. One of Europe's oldest universities - from where today's third-level traditions took root - was at Salamanca in Spain. Today the country's university-level education is ranked favourably alongside the USA, the UK and other powerhouse countries.

Spain is rates fourth in the Top 10 Countries with Most Universities in the world. In the 2016 list of the Best Countries to Study Abroad Spain came in second place after Italy with the USA, France and the UK following it.

What is College life in Spain like?

Colleges in Spain

Spain's second-place ranking in the Best Countries to Study Abroad in answers that question. The list was compiled based on attributes including being culturally accessible, fun places to go, have top-quality universities, many cultural attractions and places where international students would consider attending university there.  Almost 6,000 millennials - adults under age 35 - gave Spain the thumbs up when they filled out the survey and made it number two in the world.

International Universities in Spain

International Universities

Private international universities are institutions that have the expression international university in their name.

Why Study in Spain?

Why Study in Spain?

10 Of the Top Reasons You Should Choose to Live and Study in Spain.