Emilia Smolak Lozano

Emilia Smolak Lozano

Emilia Smolak Lozano received her PhD cum laude in Communication Sciences from University of Malaga in Spain. Her main area of research focusses on Public Relations, Strategic Communication Management, Political Communication and Digital Corporate Communications with a particular focus on the evaluation and measurement of communication strategies in digital media.

Emilia is a visiting scholar and professor at the University of Sheffield, the University of Economy in Cracow and The Kozminski University in Warsaw.

As the member of multiple international research groups with public funding, she has participated in several international research projects on such topics as: CSR in Social Media as the communication strategy of energy sector, the use of Social Media by Spanish attorneys, and think tanks´ digital strategies.

She is currently working on two research projects: the communication impact on Andalusian tourism and lobbying in political communication.

In addition to her scientific career, she has been working for over 7 years in the marketing and communication departments of global companies such as Nielsen, e-commerce (ProStudio360), digital marketing agencies (NewRebel) and start-ups in tech sector (RTBHouse).

The speaker at over 30 international scientific congresses, she is also the author of over 30 articles published in high-impact journals and book chapters on communication emerging studies published by McGraw-Hill, and co-authored a book on political communication 2.0 of lobbies and think tanks edited this year by Gedisa Editorial.