Jesús Eguía

Jesús Eguía

Ph.D Theatre Theory, History and Practice, University of Granada
MA Theatre Theory, History and Practice, Alcala University

Jesús Eguía Armenteros. Ph.D. in the Theory, History and Practice of Theater from the Universidad de Granada (Spain). Graduated cum laude. Has been an integral part of research projects at Alcalá University and Harvard University (MA-USA), working with Dr. Stephen Greenblatt on the subject of Cultural Mobility. He is a member of the Editorial Board of Teatro: Revista de Estudios Culturales at Connecticut College (USA).

He taught Spanish language courses at schools associated with the Cervantes Institute, and was responsible for preparing foreign graduates and undergraduates from all continents for the Cervantes Institute’s official Spanish proficiency exam (DELE) at all levels. Additionally, he worked designing the Biblioteca Nacional de España Cultural Program. Moreover, he lectured at the Tufts University and Skidmore College Spain programs (Madrid) in the area of Spanish Culture. He has taught at Marbella International University Center MIUC since 2014. Eguía use Theater techniques to fortify Spanish language pedagogy, facilitating students’ communicative approach in Spanish and thereby helping them learn in action.

As a researcher, he has published one monograph and several academic articles in national and international journals. He was invited to lecture at the Université Paris Nanterre, UNED (Madrid) and the Universidad de Navarra.

His literary and creative pursuits complement his academic work, and he is a playwright and theater director. One of his plays, Testamento Vienés, was awarded the Best Play Theatre Award 2006 Escena Joven. His work as a playwright has been studied in academic articles and is featured in a chapter of the scholarly book by UCLA’s Dr. Barbara Fuchs’s (The Poetics of Piracy: The Emulation of Spain in English Literature, Penn Press, 2012) and University of Southern California’s Dr. Carla Della Gatta (The Quest for Cardenio: Shakespeare, Fletcher, Cervantes, and the Lost Play, Oxford University Press, 2012).

He is a member of the Asociación de Autores de Teatro, AAT (Spain) and the Asociación Colegial de Escritores de España, ACE (Spain).