María Blanco

María Blanco

PhD Political Science, University of Exeter
MA Contemporary Middle East and Islamic Studies, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Despite Maria’s young age, she has accomplished a lot academically. She started out with a BA in Translation and Interpretation in English, French and Arabic at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and soon realised that she had a keen interest in the cultures that speak these languages from a political and sociological point of view rather than just from a linguistic one, which made her move into doing an MA in Middle East Studies at the same university.

Her academic passion for politics, sociology and international relations will soon culminate with a Ph.Din Politics specialising in Middle East Political Sociology at University of Exeter, her thesis is on the relationship between repression and mobilisation in Jordan.

Maria has spent the past ten years studying, researching and living in countries such as Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia among others having also worked as a research assistant at various universities. She has also worked as a teacher at AMID East in Jordan and at University of Exeter in the UK. Her research has been presented in international conferences of the likes of WOCMES, BRISMES, CAPOLCOT and BISA and she was a contributor to the Routledge Handbook of the Arab Spring.