Naomi Sidaway Sollinger

Naomi Sidaway Sollinger

MSc Linguistics, Montreal University

Naomi is originally from Montreal, Canada. She became involved in interviews and studies regarding bilingualism and multilingualism and was a pupil of the renown Dr. Winspear, a Canadian linguistics pioneer.

She studied linguistics, translation, Spanish and German language and literature, sociology and psychology. She obtained the very first educational teaching degree granted to a foreigner by the French republic, is fluent in six languages and holds several University Degrees.

She was the Chief Translator and Interpreter for the United States Department of Defence, taught French to Indian Air Force pilots at the Alliance Française in Bangalore and English and political debate in France.

In 1991, she created her own international translation agency, which also covered interpretation, editing and teaching which was won the Best Book Translation award for English, French and German.
She has translated and written speeches for former US Vice President Dan Quayle, His Royal Highness Prince Charles, various Ambassadors, as well as financial, medical and legal professionals.