Laude San Pedro International College

Laude San Pedro International College

MIUC is very pleased to announce that we will have the opportunity to meet you all at Laude to give you workshops on different topics related to your interests as well as to the fields taught in our Bachelor and Master programmes at the Marbella International University Centre.

DEC 2015 - FEB 2016



FRIDAY 4th DEC. - 15:20 to 16:10

It is not just about being smart… It is about looking smart too!

PROF. ÓSCAR MARTÍNEZ, MIUC Dean, Ph.D Political Science
Finally a professor agrees to share with students all the tricks that students can use in class to look smart. Because it is not only about being, it is about looking! There is certain behaviour that can help you in the classroom and eventually will turn you into a good student and will give you good working habits.

Laude San Pedro International College

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A sample of this could be: underline readings assigned by the teacher in colours, sit in front rows, be in class 5 mins before lecture starts, ask questions correctly, how to do exams well…
All you need to know to look like a pro student!

FRIDAY 22nd JAN. - 15:20 to 16:10


PROF. MARÍA FLORENZANO, M. Phil. Applied Linguistics
Can we use Facebook or Twitter as a way to create, expand and share our knowledge? Can they be useful tools for academic research? Considering Twitter, which limits its users to 140 characters per tweet, how can this tool be relevant at all to universities and academia, where the target length for an article is 8 000 to 10 000 words? This workshop will try to guide prospective university students in the potential of these new media tools for academic research.

Laude San Pedro International College

We will briefly show neophytes how to use these tools for research projects, academic blogging and other uses in scholar practices.

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FRIDAY 12th FEB. - 15:20 to 16:10


The objective of the workshop is to introduce students to and get them interested in the foundations of economic analysis using experimental economics. For those students who have already taken economics classes, the goal is to strengthen their interest in economics and further introduce them to economics as an observational science with new topics, problems, and experiments. This workshop does not require any previous study in economics.

FRIDAY 19th FEB. - 15:20 to 16:10


Do you know already what your dream job is? Are you motivated by money or by having happy people around you? And what are your strengths and weaknesses – or in other words, how do you know you are suited for this job? This interactive workshop will provide students with a structured approach and practical tools to increase self-awareness of their natural competencies. We will also discuss how initiative and self-leadership play a key role in achieving career goals.


Laude San Pedro International College

Laude San Pedro International College is a British co-educational school of around 700 students from over 50 countries. It is housed in brand new premises and boasts outstanding, spacious, architect-designed accommodation.

The installations and facilities for learning, sports and arts, are considered the best in any school in this part of Spain. Constructed in 2004, it is now a part of the prestigious International Schools Partnership.

ISP is a well-known name with a strong reputation in Spain and the UK and its involvement and support brings tremendous advantages to our school. The school is in the process of acquiring recognition and accreditation. During 2010-2011 it sought membership of the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS) and of the Council of International Schools (CIS). It will seek accreditation by CIS as soon as practicable thereafter.

The school is recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and its courses and programmes are validated through the Equivalencies Protocols (homologación) of the Education Ministry. The Spanish Bachillerato Programme runs in the final two years of school is fully authorized by the Ministry. The school is an authorised examination centre for the Cambridge Examinations Board (First certificate and Proficiency English Language exams, as well as A-level and GCSE) and a London Edexel Centre.

The school is registered as an official centre for UCAS, the UK universities applications procedure. Students at the school have also entered for LAMDA arts and drama exams as well as those for the Royal School of Music (RSA).

For more information visit: en.laudesanpedro.com

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