Swans International School Marbella

Swans International School Marbella

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic collaboration with the renown Swans International School, Marbella.

Seeking to foster a spirit of enthusiasm for learning and thereby encouraging students to become effective, life-long learners, we established our collaboration with Swans International School on Friday, 13th of November with an inspirational talk from our Dean Oscar Martinez at the Assembly to the pupils of The Swans International School.

This will be followed by a series of workshops for Swans pupils with the aim of enhancing their potential through structured activities that focus on the development of their educational skills and needs for their future.

MIUC Workshops at Swans International School

01. Monday, 16th November Dean Oscar Martinez  Tricks to Be a better Student
02. Monday, 16th November Media Department  How to Use the Camera – Part I
03. Monday, 30th November Prof. Ming-Jin Jiang   Academic Skills: Extended Essays
04. Monday, 30th November Media Department    How to Use the Camera – Part II
05. Wednesday, 20th January Maria Blanco How to Apply to Universities
06. Monday, 15th February Prof. Angelika Bergmann  Develop your career

Swans International School Marbella

MIUC Workshops by the Media Department

How to Use the Camera – Part I
Monday, 16th November

Our lecturers Jaime and Victor visited Swans International School in order to deliver a practical workshop to IB students of the Media Department. Pupils learnt about the fundamentals and advanced features of a full frame camera to better understand how to use the camera as well as different shooting techniques so as to get the images they want, and not the ones the camera wants.

Swans International School Marbella

Academic Skills: Extended Essays

Monday, 30th November
Dr Ming Jin, professor of economy and finance management at MIUC, gave a talk to IB students about how to write an extended essay. She shared with the students with her research experience about how to find research topics, how to choose supervisors and the importance of the research proposal.

Swans International School Marbella

MIUC Workshops by the Media Department

How to Use the Camera – Part II
Monday, 30th November

We were very pleased at MIUC Media Dept with the visit of SWANS film students. Jaime González and Víctor Narváez shared with them their knowledge about lighting in a very hands-on Workshop, providing them with techniques that will improve their future creations.

Swans International School Marbella

How to Apply to Universities

Wednesday, 20. January 2016
At Swans International School Marbella, (soon to be Dr) María Blanco, professor of Contemporary Middle East and Islamic Studies at MIUC, gave a talk to IB students about how to apply to universities. She shared with Swans pupils her own experience about the process of applying to a university and explored the available courses and disciplines in higher education. Pupils were presented with some real-life examples of application processes, comparing it with Spain, UK and USA, hence starting to familiarise pupils with the process of application and facilitate the transition to higher education programmes.

Swans International School Marbella

Develop your Career

Monday, 15th February
Last Friday at Swans International School, Business Lecturer Angelika Bergmann gave a talk to pupils about how they can develop their career after school.

Swans International School Marbella

Career Day at Swans International School in Marbella

Last Friday, for the first time and as only university, MIUC was invited to participate in the Career Day at Swans International School in Marbella. The event was organised by the Head of Business Department Chris French and Head of Communications Shahed Kavousi.

MIUC spent the morning in direct communication with Swan´s pupils. Professor of Economics Ming Jin and Patricia Skorsetz from Administration shared their points of view and experiences working in a university. While Ming Jin spoke enthusiastically and convincingly about the career steps necessary to becoming a professor and academic researcher in economics, Patricia provided the pupils with the answers to their queries concerning the vocation of an administrator and its essential role within a university. Pupils also gained insight into the different options available to them at MIUC, should they decide to pursue a University education.


Swans International School

Swans aims to provide a rich environment for the development of well educated, confident and caring young people who are committed to making a significant contribution to the world in which they live, helping them to develop into considerate, principled and active members of society. The School seeks to foster a spirit of enthusiasm for learning and thereby encourages all students to become effective, life-long learners.

Swans International School Marbella

Founded over 40 years ago in Marbella, Swans is one of the longest established international schools in Southern Spain. Swans International School in Marbella offers primary and secondary education following the British National Curriculum for 3 to 18 year olds.

Swans secondary school has grown from Swans School - a primary school which opened in 1971. It offers a broad and balanced curriculum with fully qualified experienced staff and offers the full International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB) in the Sixth Form.

Swans is accredited by NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain) and the Spanish Ministry of Education, offering the British curriculum and the statutory Spanish Primary and Secondary curriculum.

For more information visit: www.swansschoolinternational.es

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