Claude Littner Bachelor in Sports Management

Claude Littner Bachelor in Sport Management

MIUC's BA in Sport Management is an innovative programme that will help you turn your passion into a career. From setting up a brand to selling a sponsorship, you will develop real-world expertise through our rigorous coursework and practical learning that are crucial for today's sports business success.
Duration: 3 years (180 ECTS)
Language: English
Programme Title: Sport Management
Degree Awarded: Bachelor in Sport Management
If you have a love of sports, if you are business-savvy and are ready to take on a challenging and dynamic professional career, then our programme in Sport Management is an excellent way to enter the world of sports business and sports industry.
What better way to enter the world of sports industry than graduating from a bachelor programme bearing both the name and the endorsement of the famous sport executive Claude Littner? In addition to his successful business career and famous media show “Apprentice,” Mr. Littner has served as the Chief Executive of Tottenham Hotspur PLC from 1993 to 1998. He has been the Executive Chairman of the Powerleague Group Ltd., since June 2001 and serves as the Executive Director.
Our programme combines sports and the science of sports with the latest trends in teaching of business, finance, marketing and law, including analytics tools and techniques that help sports decision-makers, sports managers and leaders make key strategic decisions. The programme´s objective is to provide you with a strong foundation in key business areas, before taking you to an advanced level of knowledge, skills and understanding of how sports industry works.

Following is the general programme structure of the Claude Littner Bachelor in Sport Management. Please bear in mind that the programme described serves the purpose of informing our prospective students of the key programme characteristics, courses included in the programme and the year-to-year progression of the course.

MIUC reserves the right to amend and edit the courses and the course structure according to the school plans on a yearly basis.

Year I (Level 4)

 Semester I  Semester II
Introduction to Sport Management   The Fundamentals of Business*
Sport Science Marketing Management*
The Foundation of Economics* The Psychology of Sport
Spanish/French/English/Chinese/Arabic  Spanish/French/English/Chinese/Arabic

Year II (Level 5)

 Semester I  Semester II
Sport Business  Law and Ethics in Sport
Sport Marketing and Promotion Fundamentals of Sport Analytics
Organizational Behaviour * Digital Marketing*


  • Business Environment
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Digital Business
  • Spanish/French/English/Chinese/Arabic


  • Managerial Economics
  • International Financial System
  • Communication Design and Storytelling
  • Spanish/French/English/Chinese/Arabic

Year III (Level 6)

 Semester I  Semester II
International Sport Management Sport Leadership and Governance
Public Opinion and Persuasion * Sport and Media
Capstone Project Capstone Project/Thesis


  • Information Systems and Business Analytics
  • Production for Advertising
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Spanish/French/English/Chinese/Arabic


  • Managing International Teams
  • International Business Strategy
  • Predictive Modelling and AI
  • Spanish/French/English/Chinese/Arabic
Sports Management is a very dynamic and competitive sector. You can pursue a career in professional sports, local or national sports organisations, community-based sports or camps and similar recreational facilities. Furthermore, you can embark on a professional career that would combine sports with finance, marketing, analytics or events planning, or opt to specialize in sports journalism. Following are some of the job profiles of graduates in sports management:

  • Sport organization manager
  • Sport facility manager
  • Sport marketing agent
  • Sport agent
  • Sport journalist/Analyst
  • Sport Public Relations Specialist
  • Event manager
  • Leisure and recreation manager
  • Sport camp manager
  • Sport Finance Manager
  • Sport Teacher
  • Promoter
Rolling Admission - We receive and process applications on an ongoing basis as they are sent in.

Entry Requirements:

  • High School Certificate All candidates with a completed high school education are eligible to apply. Students who have studied part of a degree at a different University or accredited higher education institution can apply for a credit transfer.
  • Proof of English Proficiency* of candidates who have not previously studied in an English speaking school or country.The tests and minimum scores we accept are: - IELTS - 6 - TOEFL iBT - 72 - Cambridge Certificate - B2 - MIUC English Test - Pass

Application Supporting Documents:

You will need to provide the following documents with your application:
  • Copy of Passport or ID
  • Passport sized digital photograph
  • Proof of English Proficiency (If you are not from an English speaking country or have not previously studied in English)
  • High School Certificate (Officially translated to English or Spanish)
  • High School Grade Transcripts (Officially translated to English or Spanish)
  • Statement of Purpose (500 words on why you want to study at MIUC, your expectations and aspirations)
*Pre-sessional English courses are available to those who do not satisfy the English proficiency requirement.

Tuition Fees for BA programmes

The anual tuition fee is 18.900,00€*. The following is included:

Course registration Tuition and course materials
Access to Blackboard Learning
Full access to the Library

Private Health insurance Accommodation support Visa and immigration advice and support

24/7 emergency student support
Student counseling
Career service
Language courses

UK Validation additional charge 3.000€

* For advance annual payments, we provide 5% discount. * In addition to the health insurance that we provide you, you must also submit a mandatory travel insurance for the visa procedure.

All students are required to register for the courses in the first week of the semester. Simply not attending classes later during the semester does not release you from the financial or academic obligation for courses in which you have previously enrolled. If you wish to drop one or more of your courses, you must officially drop the course(s) by de-registering at the Student Services.


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BBC Star and UWL Business School Eponymous Claude Littner

Claude Littner is a British business executive. He started his career as an accountant at Unilever in the early 1970s, and has since become a hugely successful turnaround specialist and the chief executive or chairman of a number of high-profile companies, including Tottenham Hotspur, where he was chief executive from 1993 to 1998. He is also a fixture on the BBC's hugely popular The Apprentice TV show, having appeared in every series since it first aired in 2005.

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