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Have you ever wondered what goes behind a poster? What sort of thought process is behind the idea of which you are viewing?
Most people go through there entire life not linking why they like one print campaign (poster) or dislike another? Most people I guess are indifferent to it simply because within their busy life’s there is no room to stop and appreciate a well thought out poster which they might see at a bus stop or billboard or even in a magazine.

In Communication Design & Storytelling our first assessment is to analyse such a poster based on the learnings of the design principles such as typography, colour perception, form and texture as well as hierarchy and balance. This semester I had the pleasure of 2 outstanding rationales from two of my students who both showcased great observational skills as well as great understanding of the topics we have been covering in the last semester (spring 2019).

I have below added a link to their rationales in which they have analysed a great print campaign and uncovered the hidden and great ideas into what goes behind creating a great campaign and how the visuals are closely linked to the message they are trying to convey.

I strongly urge you to read them and perhaps next time you are waiting for a bus or at terminal you might appreciate the thinking/ process of seeing a great poster knowing that it didn’t miraculously create itself but some talented designer probably spent a good 6 months making sure it looks exactly as it does.

Bela’s Rationale:

Sheena’s Rationale:

By Christian Olsen

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