Develop your career workshop at Deutsche Schule Málaga

MIUC´S Angelika Bergmann animated three workshops with the Grade 12 students last week at the Deutsche Schule (German School) in Marbella.
The Deutsche Schule is an independent private school, approved by the Spanish educational authorities and recognized by the “Standing Conference of Ministers of Education of the Federal Republic of Germany” (KMK) as an official foreign school. The school is a fully developed encounter school with the aim of a bilingual education and in 2008 was the first school in the world to receive the quality seal “Excellent German School Abroad”.

The “Develop your career – leading yourself to success” workshops were well received, with active participation by the enthusiastic students.

The workshops focused on motivating the students to plan their careers, rather than just letting things simply happen, urging the participants to create a level of self-awareness of their own strengths, weaknesses, and motivational drivers (“mission”, “meaning” etc.)

Ms. Bergmann encouraged the students to combine this self-awareness with a structured approach to planning a career.

Following this interaction, the students were given the opportunity to fill out a so-called “career house,” to help them determine how to achieve their future goals.

The strong message transmitted to the eager youths was that if your strengths do not support your “vision” (or your final destination), then, think again. And if your weakness could stand in the way of the final dream job – think again!

Deutsche Schule Málaga

Deutsche Schule Málaga Workshop

MIUC workshop Develop your career

By Angelika Bergmann

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