For more modern PR

For more modern PR

“Digitization has largely changed the power relations”
Van Ruler, 2015: 187-188

The same author argues that the digitalisation of society and the behavior of digital audiences lead to substantial changes in the communicative environment of organizations, changing both communication and public relations tools. We observe an intense development of this phenomenon since the 1990s together with the Internet boom that has affected the functioning of contemporary society significantly. Recent studies consider the Social Media as the important part of emerging media.

New communication technologies have been well accepted both at the individual and organizational level thanks to the benefits of interactive communication, dialogic communication and the ability to connect with different publics (Valentini, 2015: 170) in a far more humanized way, which fosters interconnectivity in the omnichannel manner.

When speaking of digital media and its innovative factor, we can frame the communication 2.0 within this technological paradigm and within the paradigm of collective intelligence. For example, Gerschon (2016) considers it as a series of intelligent networks based on new communication technologies (such as: electronic communication channels, electronic repositories of information and devices offering access to the technological network) which is composed of people and their value-added contributions. In this way, an intelligent network and a collective intelligence are generated that not only facilitate communication at the global level but also promote it. Digital media as disruptive technologies with their innovative impact on communication are the forces behind the power of good ideas that change the world today. Internet can be considered the communication channel that makes possible to get closer to its public.

Moreover, the publics today live in the digital environment, in particular those born already during Internet boom: digital natives. Labelled so, they are considered the young group highly skilled in digital technologies, living immersed in the digital world of social networks, audiovisual contents and infinite resources. It is challenging to bring them offline, especially when teaching, or by offering them an attractive content and activity, which will gain back their attention and win with their multimedia, hyper-connected habitat.

The attractive solution was offering the 2.0 communication in-class training in the use of e-tools specialised in modernising PR workflow. Prowly turned out to be the correct apparoach to bring 2.0 Public Relations to next level for the demanding digital millennials. This is 100% digital programme to write press release, pitch the journalists, build the journalists databases, and construct attractive brand journals with audiovisual content and Social Media integration. The travel through the tool, trying the freshly acquired PR skills in writing the professional PR formats, putting the content class in the direct practice, confronting the case studies with the necessity to manage the communication in the real world have brought altogether new opportunities to engage with students in practical, dynamic and immersing way. Moreover, it took place in their natural ecosystem- digital world- leveraging the natural digital skills into new level of managing professional online tools in PR. The whole experience with the tool has opened the new ways of all-in-one management process that foment the visibility to the media in an attractive way that makes ´´that media loves the story´´ as much as PR practitioner. New adepts of PR have had the chance to learn how to measure the results of any PR activity, how important it is and how to build audience-reaching, outstanding and engaging communication. Cost, time and effects is not only the marketing issue. Modern PR directed to digital stakeholders demand to strategically approach the management process and modern 2.0 tools come in handy for that purpose.

Journal traffic overview www.prowly.com

The students are the most valuable public for any high education institution. The millennials, digital natives, or whatever etiquette we will put on them, are demanding new approaches towards relations with them, especially for teachers. Not only PR and communication is changing, the learning community also does in a fast-pace and complex way inside the digital spheres. If it is difficult to fight back the Insta-stories and Youtube during the class, why not to bring these advantages into the learning process? They dominate the 2.0 philosophy on the expert level, just giving them new modern tools to integrate the demands of Social Media into communication management converts the class experience into fun, interactive and totally digital learning experience, opening new opportunities for world-class communication and PR experts, familiarised with the top solutions available in their field.

Digital PR require new tools to modernise the relationships with the organisations´ audiences. Teaching new digital generations demand to use these new tools and approaches to connect or re-connect with them, innovate their classroom experience and leverage the knowledge and skills to fit new digital global economies. For more modern digital communications and university, the challenge we assume with joy, innovation and expertise.

By Emilia Smolak

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