International Business and Law

Why only study Business if you could supplement it by also studying Law? We have created a new study programme entitled Business and Law to complete your studies.
As an entrepreneur, you will need to know about the Law so that you can develop your business in the most successful way possible and to avoid costly errors. Knowledge of both these branches will allow you to have a broader perspective of the business you are developing or plan to develop in the future.

Attending this programme will also open the door to a wider world – not just the business world, but also the legal world, granting you the possibility of working in such positions as Stock Market Advisor, Auditor, Chief Executive Officers or a myriad of other professional positions within the domains of consulting services, civil service, risk management, business or law, inter alia.

This study programme is constantly being updated to adapt to economic developments and new standards.

Our academic team comprises outstanding professionals in the field with extensive international experience.

With the experience garnered in the classroom and in the one-on-one tutorials, you will be able to improve your project and even develop your own business, guided and aided by an experienced professional in the field.

Every year, we offer our students the opportunity of local, national and international internships, so that they may put into practice the knowledge acquired during the academic year.

We are a multicultural University, focused on personalized attention in reduced class sizes. We offer our students practical classes so that they may develop their businesses with all the know-how possible in a stimulating environment.

Let´s take a closer look at the Business and Law Programme

Our students commence the course with modules such as Law and Society, Economics Foundation, Introduction to Data Analysis and Exploration, and History of Ideas, consistently linking the two branches to strengthen our students’ knowledge. In the second semester, our students will be introduced to such subjects as Introduction to States and Societies, Company Law, Data Visualization, and Narrative, Media and Cultural Stereotypes.

Following the first year of studies, our students will have the possibility of applying their newly-acquired knowledge by working in internships with various local, domestic and international companies and organizations.

With the experience gained over the summer, the second year will continue to reinforce the knowledge acquired, whilst forging ahead with new information provided concerning the world of business and law. To do this, the students will attend the courses Business Environment, EU Policies and Politics, Contract Law, Dispute Resolution in International Business, Consumer Behaviour, Business Operations, Introduction to Political Systems, completing a year full of adventures by signing up once more for various unforgettable internships.

The third and fourth years serve to deepen the knowledge of the international scene, so that you may develop projects or work anywhere in the world. The following courses will assist you in this: International Law, International Business Strategy, Ethics and Law, International Business Law, Labour Law, Economics of Public Policy, Corporate Tax Law, Trade Law, Managing International Teams, Global Commerce, and International Finance and Accounting. These courses are very popular with our students and assist them to build their dream futures.

Graduates of this programme will know not only how to develop and manage a business from a financial point of view, but will also understand the law associated with such actions, thus allowing them to manage all the bureaucratic processes associated with business.

The culturally diverse environment of the University, with students from over 65 different countries, motivates the students to learn more about the entrepreneurial conditions and the different ways of doing business in various countries, for future investments and even joint ventures.

Our international professors are always available to help our students reach their goals. Contact between the professors and the students is very personal and direct, due to our reduced class sizes, with a maximum of 10 students, and tutorials.

Should you wish further information concerning MIUC and our campus, please contact one of our student advisors, who are here to answer all your questions and solve any problems you may have.

BA International Business and Law

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