Marbella: a rising European and international impact

The Spanish newspaper Diario Sur has recently published an article hailing Málaga as the new Barcelona. The newspaper points out that journalist Chloe Lambert, in her article published in the Daily Mail, highlights the cultural regeneration of the city, and categorized Málaga province´s capital as “one of the most fashionable European destinations.”
Marbella must share much of this limelight, for although this sparkling city on the Mediterranean has retained its dazzling allure, it has also become a place of international business connections, and has increased its already famous reputation by the opening of a new, international University centre in the very heart of the town.

Marbella-a-rising-European-and-international-impact Salvador DaliMore international than Málaga, the pace of this city offers a much more relaxed – and luxurious environment. A walking tour through the city will reveal the jewels of the Casco Antiguo, with its plethora of monuments, churches and museums, as well as quaint dining nooks with fresh, seasonal cuisine. A stroll on the boardwalk will encourage even the most finicky of appetites to be swayed to taste a gambas pil-pil, a spicy, garlicky dish that come sizzling to your seaside table.

As the sun dramatically drops on the horizon, Marbella gears up for an evening of fun and razzamatazz that more than lives up to its reputation! Full of clubs, bars and experiences, Marbella surpasses even the province´s capital when it comes time to play.

Marbella´s exuberant foliage and flowers intoxicate with their heady perfumes, mingling with aromas native to this coastal town. The sea tang, the flirty perfume of jasmine, all increasing as the temperature rises beneath the cloudless blue skies.

Marbella is a 45-minute drive away from the larger, more bustling city of Malaga, and one thing is for sure, Marbella more than lives up to its dazzling and bright reputation, as both a cultural hub and a happening town.


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