Lecture on Franchise Law by Klavdiya Yessenzhulova

MIUC guest lecturer Klavdiya Yessenzhulova1 delivered a lecture to international business law students on Franchise Law. Franchise is a very important part of business, because it provides an understanding of how the business operates and how to do business. The main point of franchising for a businessman is the ready business that is transferred to another businessman with all trade and commercial secrets, way of conducting business, trademarks, how to do business and do it profitably etc.
For example, Starbucks will more easily be profitable for a businessman than just some no-name coffee house. no name, because in comparison with the no-name coffee house, people know it, like it, it has a good reputation and it provides knowledge about to prepare the product, how to deal with clients, how to promote the business, etc.

It is therefore, more likely that it will be more profitable than a business with no name.


Guest lecturer Klavdiya Yessenzhulova explained what is it franchise, what franchises include and how to choose franchises that will be profitable for the businessman, as well as explaining how not to not to go out of business with franchise, by showcasing the most common mistakes made when starting a franchise business with franchise and discussing how to protect themselves and their business from these mistakes.

How to protect the existing franchises with abundant competition was also discussed, highlighting the fact that a franchise is not only the business model with which a business man may begin, although it is a good start towards owning your own business in the future, especially if you have no experience in this area.

Klavdiya Yessenzhulova

1Ms Klavdiya Yessenzhulova, Independent lawyer. Currently a lawyer with the Kazakhstan Franchise Association “KazFranch”. Former arbitrator at the International Arbitration Court “IUS” and former executive director of the Kazakhstan Bar Association “KazBar”. She has worked as a the lawyer in one of the 500 largest companies in Kazakhstan and has worked with the international legal consulting company “RSP International”.

By Beata Fröhlich

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