Reset your personal compass – New Year Goals

We are heading towards the end of the year and this would seem to be a good time to take stock of what has been accomplished, to determine what else needs to be done and to prepare our personal compass in the direction where we want to head to next.
It is the perfect time to set new objectives and challenges, making a conscious effort to think in that that will make you feel fulfilled and happy if you achieved them. New Year is a great opportunity for people to stop and reflect on their lives and how they feel about themselves; What is missing? What is sparing? How can I get there? Why do I want to get there? What will I obtain when I get there? These are some questions that can help you find powerful answers and specially set you towards the right direction. What is life without a direction? A sense? Why would you get up every morning if you didn’t have an objective? Learning the importance of setting goals is an important life skill which students and anyone, would benefit from in order to gain a clear and fulfilling sense of direction, to give them the motivation to achieve anything they want in life.

Setting goals will:

  • Improve your confidence
  • Help you make better decisions
  • Give you motivation in life.

Sometimes it is hard to stop to think and reflect. Something different to overthinking without our thoughts taking us anywhere. Rushing, routine, the urgent over the important, our agenda, make us go as robots during our day to day. Life continues passing by us without us, in many cases, taking the reigns of our lives. Has it ever happened to you that when you stop to think, you feel you are at the same point? No matter how much you run, you don’t move forward. Or you simply believe that you are where you want to be but feel you need to set your next direction?

If we take the definition from the Collins Dictionary of the word “goal”; “something that you hope to achieveespecially when much time and effort will be needed.” The first thing to acknowledge, is that it’s something you still don’t have or that you haven’t done yet, therefore it needs setting and also planning. For this reason, we need to start by setting a SMART objectiveSpecific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bounded. We need to think in advance, to be able to plan and be aware of the obstacles that we could find in the way, as well as acknowledging what is already there and that we have managed to obtain with our own hard work and merit.

The second point to take into consideration, is that it is something that will take time and effort, for this reason we need to develop a strong motivation that will lead us all the way, without giving up. What is the final result we want to achieve? What needs to happen in order to gain this result? Why do you want it? What is in my hands to obtain it? What external factors are involved? What could get in the way?

Has it ever happened to you that you keep on setting goals that you never accomplish? Sometimes, the reason behind this is that you are not completely devoted to this goal or that it’s simply unrealistic. How many times have you signed up to go to the gym and end up going once or twice or even none? This is because we are focusing on the final result as we know this is good for us but we aren’t thinking in the short-term effort requested to get up every day, work out, get tired, time, etc. For a goal to be accomplished we need to take into account all the necessary steps to reach the final result and set smaller objectives for those steps to happen and intensify the motivation of getting closer to the real end one. A visual reminder is a great way to help physically see what your goal is. Depending upon your likes, visual reminders can be in many forms. For example, you can write down your steps on a ladder worksheet, where your goal is at the top and the steps to reach it is going up the ladder. Or, it can be in the form of a picture where it is literally a goal post with the goal written in the middle and the steps along the side.

We have to learn to enjoy the process towards our goal and celebrate or even reward ourselves if the final objective is attained! Happy New Year and good luck in the resetting of your personal compass!


By Ana Cantle – Life Coach at MIUC

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