Seminar on The Chinese Economic Development and the New Silk Road on Friday, 13th of April at 11 am

The Chinese Economic Development and the New Silk Road
Mr. Wieck Wildeboer, former Ambassador of the Netherlands to Cuba, Oman and Bolivia, will honour MIUC with his presence on April 13, 2018.
Wieck Wildeboer will be the guest speaker at MIUC during the seminar on the Chinese Economic Development and the New Silk Road. His talk is bound to ignite the interest of our students of both International Business and International Relations, as his words will be focusing on important aspects of the Chinese Economic System.

It is a well-known fact that the Chinese economy has been growing at a very high pace over the last decades. Its main challenge today is to successfully turn the economy from an export driven one to an economy driven by internal consumption. China’s enormous economy also challenges the country to take up a new role on the international scene and the “New Silk Road” is a key initiative in this perspective.

By Wieck Wildeboer

1969 Master degree Economics; State University Groningen, The Netherlands.
1971 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague, The Netherlands.Relevant postings in the foreign service:
1989- 1992 Deputy Head of Mission, Netherlands Embassy in Cairo, Egypt,
1992- 1995 Consul- General of The Netherlands in St.Petersburg, Russia.
1995- 1999 Ambassador of The Netherlands in Muscat, Oman
1999- 2002 Ambassador of The Netherlans in La Paz, Bolivia.
2003- 2008 Ambassador of The Netherlands in Havana, Cuba
Retired in Spain since 2008.
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